All these little paintings are in oil, either on canvas or paper.
= sold

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Paddling I Paddling 3"x4"

Paddling II PaddlingII 3x4"
Bather I Bather I 3"x4"

Bather II Bather II 3x4"
Bather III Bather III 3"x4"

Bather IV Bather IV 3"x4"
Bonnet and Spade Bonnet and Spade 5"x5"

With Granny With Granny 3"x4"
The Daily Sweep Daily Sweep 8"x8"

Dog Walker Dog Walker 5"x5"
Not a Care Not a Care 8"x8"

Nearly Home Nearly Home 8"x8"
Sisters I Sisters8"x8"

Windy Umbrella I Umbrella8"x8"
The Professor 5"x7"

School Girls 5"x7"
The Listener 5"x7"

One Small Step 5"x7"
Window Shopping 5"x7"

Girl Reading 5"x7"