Nostalgic glimpses of life with light and dark, connection and solitude, people and all their stories.

Black & White paintings

Last month I only used two tubes of paint and found this limitation to be quite freeing. Take a look at my little collection of monochromes.

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Oil paintings

Evocative and atmospheric moments. Original oil paintings, big and small.

Life is short, and time is swift;
Roses fade, and shadows shift.

(Ebenezer Elliott)

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Little paintings of little moments

Originals from £100. There's a lot of life you can fit into a small space.


I'm Sonya and I love to paint atmospheric moments, especially with strong contrast - sunlight, long shadows, silhouettes and anything that makes ordinary life look nostalgic and beautiful.

I'm aiming to paint one big oil painting a month this year and release it to my email list first. Let's see if I can do it. Want to join my journey? Sign up to the Letter from the Loft below.

More about me

How to Sketch People

Sketching people is something I've always loved to do - in cafes, trains, at home, wherever. It really is a joyful pastime and I truly believe drawing and sketching is a teachable skill.

So I made an online course 'How to Sketch People', packed with big concepts and little gems to take you from stickman to real person. It's pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace, unlock your creative potential and learn to sketch people confidently today.

Sonya breaks it all down so clearly and simply with bite-sized lessons and small homework tasks. She does it all with good humour and a sense of fun making learning to draw accessible and achievable. (Sally)

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Just a card

Selected paintings made into greeting cards. Six designs, pack of five for £12.

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Someday your prints will come

High quality limited edition giclee prints on fine art paper of some of my favourite paintings.

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